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A New Feature Film On Breaking Away From Cycles Of Domestic Violence by Caroline Baggaley! LAILA NADENE, a new Canadian feature film, has announced its pending release mid-October and will begin the film festival route in just a few short weeks! LAILA NADENE is a captivating, emotional drama that shows the dangers and tolls of verbal, emotional, and physical abuse in interpersonal relationships. This film shines a light on therapeutic healing and survival in abusive relationships.

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Wendy E. O'Connor / Social Psychologist

Hi Caroline, Well, I thoroughly enjoyed reading every word of your script! I found the overriding context to be the exploration of social power and how Laila reclaimed her power and became her own best advocate…. a  powerful message for so many… both relevant and authentic. The message is comparable to ‘Crucibles of Leadership’ where one experiences a severe trial (adversity) and emerges stronger than before.  The therapy is really somewhere in the background… it could be any therapy and that’s Ok. The prominent ingredients are increased self-awareness/openness and leveraging that insight to embrace the courage she needed to change.  Congrats Caroline! / (613) 297-2426



The film takes viewers on a raw journey through the life of Laila, a Canadian woman in her late 40s who is callously served with divorce papers on her 25th wedding anniversary while her husband announces his intentions to wed a new woman, Nadene. But soon after the marriage begins, Nadene realizes her new husband’s dark side, and she soon discovers she has married a full-blown sociopath. In time, young women are missing, and a full police interrogation is under way. Despite beginning to overcome the traumas of her past relationship, Laila teams up with Nadene as the two set out to find justice for the victims, help each other heal, and prevent the destruction of their futures.

A highly anticipated film, LAILA NADENE draws attention to the preciousness of life, rise in domestic violence, and importance of getting help in even the most perilous of situations as each night, over 6,000 Canadian women sleep in shelters because they are not safe at home. Written and produced by Caroline Baggaley, a survivor of a sexual assault and attempted murder, and edited by Tomas Chedrese, LAILA NADENE will be a must-see feature-film portraying the power of teaming up, fighting back, and reclaiming oneself.

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Coming soon, LAILA NADENE, A New Feature Film On Breaking Away From Cycles Of Domestic Violence by Caroline Baggaley!

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